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A fast paced futuristic battle zone with endless customization in Blacklight: Retribution. A free to play, first person shooter, the player is immersed in exciting gunplay, teamwork, and wide selection of deadly weapons, tools and builds to be the ultimate agent.
Need extra fire power? The Hardsuit; A mechanized suit equipped with weapons of mass destruction and thick defense, use the Hardsuit to your advantage and rain destruction on your enemies.
Be your own agent with the game’s countless customization. Choose your builds & combine different muzzles, receivers, clips, scopes and more in game to suit your preference. Show us what you've got!
Scope out your enemies with the Hyper Reality Visor, allowing you to see your target through obstacles. Use the HRV to your advantage by gaining an upper hand over your opponents and be the agent the game needs.

Client Installer (Download and run to install.)

5-Parts Client Installer (Download all 5 files into a directory. Run the .exe file to install)